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Caring for an adult individual with developmental disabilities automatically sets you on the path for a unique journey

Dr. Karleen Kemp, CEO

Making a difference in the life of an adult with developmental disabilities creates an inclusive community.

Caring for an adult individual with developmental disabilities automatically sets you on the path for a unique journey, one that will have its toils and troubles but also filled with untold amounts of joy and a clearer understanding of the world. EROS Services, LLC offers individual and academic support, prevocational training, supported employment, and life skills coaching to improve the life trajectory of persons with developmental disabilities. EROS Services, LLC is an approved contract service provider through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). EROS Services, LLC provides distinctly unique support to adults ages 21 and older to meet the varied needs of county residents with disabilities.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) provides public funding for services, and supports to New Jersey adults ages 21 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. EROS Services, LLC facilitates quality support that leads to valued lives in the community to enable individuals to live as independently as possible.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe culture of excellence in quality services and advocacy, relationships, integrity, access, and love.

The mission of EROS Services, LLC is to change the trajectory of adults’ lives by preparing them to be lifelong learners and employable citizens. EROS Services, LLC is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive, superior, multifaceted service programs for persons with developmental and related disabilities and their families regardless of race, gender, creed, economic status, or age (diversity and disability inclusion).

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Our Staff

Dr. Karleen Kemp, Executive Director
Dr. Karleen Kemp

EROS Services, LLC was founded by Dr. Karleen Kemp, an educational leader who has transformed and managed multiple K-12 school systems. Dr. Karleen Kemp was educated in the Newark Public Schools and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Graphics (minor in Computer Science) from The College of New Jersey, a Master’s degree in Graphic Communications Management and Technology from New York University, a Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Kean University in Union, New Jersey.

Dr. Kemp’s passion for developmentally disabled students was driven by her administrative role as a K-12 Special Needs Principal for urban and suburban school districts. Through her experience, it helped her to recognize the need to establish a loving, trusting, quality educational program, with a superior support system for the developmentally disabled community. As she observed the need for additional support, she noticed areas of potential improvement and pledged to one day develop her own learning program for persons with developmental disabilities.

We all have unique and personal learning styles, as a previous principal, and a continued educational leader, Dr. Kemp is uniquely aware of the challenges faced by all involved in the educational process. It is so important for our youth and for adults to have a solid educational foundation and support system utilizing real-life skills. As an educator, the adult population must have accommodations and support to be successful. Her motivation is driven to see the success of youth as they transition into adulthood.

EROS Services, LLC was formulated to ensure superior service, quality learning, integrity, and love (EROS). Dr. Kemp’s passion is to change lives by helping adults to become life-long learners and employable citizens.

Our Staff

A professional and friendly care provider

At EROS Services, LLC., we select Direct Support Professionals who are passionate about providing care to those in need on a daily basis.

Audrey Skeete

Director of Nursing

Kyra Kemp

Direct Support Professional

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